The INCEPTION of Couture Connections



The Couture Connection, born in 2023, emerged as a new addition to the family of Couture Pop-Ups. Couture Pop-Ups was founded in 2021 by our founder, Ashleigh.

Driven by a mission to bridge the gap between the demand for European luxury labels in North America by fashion enthusiasts, all without the daunting price tags of conventional luxury retailers.

After introducing the innovative shopping experience of bespoke pop-ups to the Canadian retail landscape, Couture Pop-Ups quickly gained popularity, setting its trajectory toward overwhelming success.



As Couture Pop-Ups continued to grow, it became evident that the demand for our events had reached shoppers globally. With daily requests pouring in, Ashleigh, recognized the need for an innovative solution.

Understanding that Couture Pop-Ups wasn’t quite large enough to scale globally just yet, she embarked on a journey to find a solution to service to growing enquiries.

After careful consideration, the concept of The Couture Connection was formed: an e-commerce platform, providing a virtual pop-up that would allow fashion enthusiasts to shop a limited curated collection on a daily basis.



Bring this unique e-commerce concept to life, was something that was developed over a period of time after meticulous planning and consideration.

Putting together a fashion forward tech team in Canada that had the capability and skills to keep our audience engaged and our platforms updated on a daily basis.

Assembling a the right fit from our base of authorized European suppliers that could provide a continuous supply of in demand product that could speak to our audience of growing customers.



Driven by a love and passion for the artistry of the fashion industry, we invite fashion enthusiasts from around the world to indulge in our unique online shopping experience.

Our mission is simple – to provide our customers with the latest authentic and highly sought-after luxury labels at competitive prices.

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